Friday, April 16, 2010

The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development

A new MR book by Michael A. Lebowitz

“At this historic moment, when the limits and insanity of capitalism are especially clear but an intimidating sense of fatalism militates against a response—neither an alternative to capitalism nor a way to get there seem ‘realistic’—Lebowitz has produced the must-read book for those still clinging to hope.

Highly accessible without setting aside the complexities involved, Lebowitz provides a desperately needed framework for linking vision to action to self-and-social transformation. The radicalism that has been so commonly written off as impractical becomes what is in fact the truly ‘practical’ in today’s world.”

Sam Gindin
York University
Former Research Director, Canadian Auto Workers

The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development
Michael A. Lebowitz
$15.95 paperback
160 pp.
July 2010

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