Friday, March 5, 2010

Ecorise Italy

From Fabio Barteri
Ecorise, Italy

Ecorise is an ecosocialist political laboratory which has more than 20 activists. We are all students of biology, environmental and natural science, geology and engineering who want to bring the ecological issues back to the political debate in the University Movement and public opinion.

Our aim is to produce independent information based on a website, an independent web-tv, a monthly newspaper (500 copies), a facebook page, meetings and conferences and even flash mobs. Despite our site is mostly in Italian language, you can still folow us. We have even an english section (mostly Derek Wall's articles.) and a Spanish section.

In Italy it is very hard to set up political groups because of the heterogeneity of the political views. In fact, we have five communist parties, two green parties, two social  d mocrat parties and a lot of independent and anarchist groups. The left is divided. In ecorise we have been able to gather a lot of different political views.

We have anarchists, social democrats, leninists, trotskyists and even liberal democrats and non-better defined"greens". It is very interesting that the proposal of the ecosocialist theories encountered a large approval. Some of us translated the article "What is Ecosocialism" by Michael Lowy and shared between ecorise activists, even anarchists agreed with him. Maybe the ecosocialist theories can take back unity in the left. 

The logo we have chosen for ecorise it is a simple but very effective logo: a five-pointed green star. This logo combines the usual communist red-star and the green, color of environment and science. I think this could be a good symbol for representing ecosocialism. The five- pointed star historically represents the unity of five continents and mankind in socialism, the green represents the unity and balance of mankind and environment. Thus a green star could stand for "united in socialism andecology".

"Nothing in Politics Makes Sense Except in the Light of Ecological Wisdom"

Newspaper (PDF download):

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