Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bolivia says Copenhagen Agreement temperature rise between 3 ° and 4 ° C

Global People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

Multicountry State Chancellor of Bolivia, David Choquehuanca, said on Feb. 8 press conference jointly with representatives of the 5 peasant organizations, indigenous and native of Unity Pact, Bolivia is very concerned about gas reduction commitments greenhouse developed countries being delivered as part of the "Copenhagen Agreement. Choquehuanca said: "The commitments to reduce greenhouse gases for the developed countries are communicating will cause the temperature increase is more than 3 degrees Celsius, some experts say it came almost at 4 degrees Celsius. The situation is very serious. A temperature increase greater than 1 degree Celsius mean the disappearance of our glaciers in the Andes and the collapse of several islands and coastal areas. "

For the foreign minister of Bolivia asked the Copenhagen Conference in 2020 was that the reductions in greenhouse gases were 40% or more, on the basis of emissions of greenhouse gases in 1990. Now the figures have to know the countries historically responsible for global warming are on average 12% to 18% by 2020 according to different sources.

"This way of communicating commitments shows clearly that the so-called Copenhagen Agreement is a retreat from the Kyoto Protocol." Choquehuanca said "In the Kyoto Protocol we all had to first define a common goal of reducing greenhouse gases then the developed countries in Annex 1 of the Kyoto Protocol should make reduction commitments that take us to that goal. Now the methodology presented by the Copenhagen agreement is that each developed country note what you gonna do without this relates to the common goal. "

"What is happening with the reduction commitments of greenhouse gases from developed countries reinforces the need for the Global People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth." And the Chancellor concluded: "This conference will an event transparent, inclusive, not marginalize anyone. Will the peoples, social movements, scientists. And we're inviting all governments and organizations of the United Nations system to engage with delegates and experts to discuss with people as we face this crisis that affects everyone. "

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