Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SuperCars! - The shape of things to come?

"Many people seem to think dealing with climate change will bring poverty and limit human development.

The truth may be exactly the opposite. Moving to a world of where we aren't fighting each other over the last few drops of oil, where energy is free, will mean a better life, with greater opportunities even for an expanding population. If we make the right decisions, we could be on the verge of the most prosperous period in human history."

Is this just saying we can keep our indivualistic car culture; no need for a better way to live than all owning cars? Technology alone can only achieve so much. Changes in our social structure, an ecosocialism, are required to really further human development and make technology serve the people - NYC

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  1. Living sustainably doesn't mean everyone has to live in poverty, that's true. But it does mean we need to live more simply, with much less waste and overconsumption. Saying we're on the verge of a period of properity is going too far, I think. We will have to sacrifice, but we can still live healthy, happy lives.

    However, we can't continue to rely on a giant inefficient transportation system. Electric cars and hybrids are not the answer.