Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Venezuela's socialism is human, democratic and respects the environment

- Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias

Venezuela's socialism stands out in three different aspects: it is deeply humanist, is based on a real democracy, and respects the environment with its modes of production, distribution and consumption.

The statement was said by Venezuela's Minister of Education Hector Navarro, who added the necessity of differentiating the socialist model developed by the Bolivarian Revolution of those that were not able to develop themselves completely.

“More than a matter of economics and markets, our socialism deals with the control of the big means of production, especially those that are essential for the life of human beings and it attends not only production but also distribution and consumption,” he stated.

According to Navarro, Venezuela's domestic model cannot be understood unless it is approached with an integrally human view and, thus, democratic, in which people shapes the course of its destiny.

Similarly, he expressed that the model stands out a a work of harmony with the environment, in which remains a balanced interaction human being-nature that guarantees habitable spaces for future generations.

“In the world we live today is not possible to plan a model disrespectful of the environment. Indiscriminate production should be discarded and there should start the implementation of control mechanisms,” Navarro said.

Moreover, Navarro affirmed that humanity cannot survive with capitalism, so he called to increase the fight against it, since it is self-destructive.

“It is an originally suicidal model and we, as revolutionary people, cannot join that. We have to contribute to the future, to positive issues. Or we defeat it, or we die with it,” he stated.

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  1. There are no modes of production in Venezuela. 96% of what they consume is imported. Venezuela is not socialist, is a rentist state which only produces oil!!The revenue are mostly distributed among a bunch of boli-bourgeois and to pay the 60K Cuban "working" in the misiones. And it is far of being "democratic."