Friday, May 13, 2011

Trading on Thin Air

New Feature Documentary Just Released Nationwide on Hulu and Rodgers Cable in Canada.

Trading on Thin Air explains the methods used by the financial oligarchy in the past to extract the wealth of the nation and shows how the same strategy is being used today to subvert a movement for conservation and sustainability and harness it in order to create the next big bubble.

From huge investments to influence public opinion, to the lobbying of government, the film shows that environmental protection is not truly the goal, but the institution of a system that will extract a de facto tax on most human activities, avoid regulation of industries and artificially inflate the money supply by creating money out of ….. Thin air.

The fact that business has embraced the publics' interest in greening the economy is great. Really reducing their pollution of the environment would be wonderful. But if all they are up to is finding a new way to make a buck, setting up another system to self regulate, like they did on Wall Street with the real estate bubble, well then, it's still just business as usual.

Trailer below.

Untitled from The site on Vimeo.

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