Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bolivia: Evo Morales calls for global mobilization for the planet

(AFP) Bolivian President Evo Morales on Saturday called on social organizations in the world to mobilize in defense of the planet in the event that the climate summit in Cancun does not take into account the resolutions of an alternative forum held in April in Bolivia.

If the organizers of the Cancun summit, scheduled for December, do not take into account the requests raised by the alternative forum to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases "of course again we have an obligation to speak out, organize, mobilize," he proposed Morales.

"I want to appeal to all social movements in the world (to) be alert, pending, and if not taken into account, obviously again we have an obligation to speak out, organize, mobilize because it is about defending life, humanity , saving the planet Earth, "he said.

This call is also relevant "to the environmentalists, who defend the so-called green environment, the humanists, scientists who did many studies to defend the Mother Earth," he said.

Morales, prompting the Peoples' Conference on Climate Change, delivered on 7 May to the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon to the conclusions of the meeting to be taken into account in Cancun.

Among the findings, calling on industrialized countries to halve their emissions of greenhouse gases and global referendum on how to tackle climate change, and the creation of an international court for environmental crimes.

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