Monday, March 12, 2012

The new Climate & Capitalism

By Ian Angus
Editor, Climate and Capitalism
March 12, 2012

Today we launch an upgraded and completely redesigned Climate & Capitalism. I’m very excited about the transformation, which is part of the alliance with Monthly Review that was announced one month ago. (see below)

The most obvious change is the revamped Home page. Instead of an inflexible chronological display of articles – which meant that still relevant articles scrolled quickly out of sight – the new C&C Home is divided into five major sections:
  • New and Recent Features is what a print newspaper would call “above the fold.” It displays our current top stories and essays.
  • All Articles is exactly what it says. A chronological list of recent additions, with links to pages showing every C&C article, listed by date or by topic.
  • The Center Section displays various groups of articles. The display will change from time to time. For example, this section might display articles about a major event like the Cochabamba conference, or articles on a specific subject like Ecosocialist Perspectives.
  • The Sidebar, on the right, starts with recent reader comments on C&C articles. C&C encourages constructive discussion and debate, and we hope you’ll continue to make full use of this feature. Below the comments, you’ll find a variety of useful (we hope!) links.
  • The Footer, at the bottom of each page, links to our Ecosocialist Bookstore. (Full disclosure: C&C gets a small commission from Amazon when you order books through our Bookstore. All proceeds will be used to maintain and improve the website.)
And we’ve only just begun! We’re now sharing MR’s web servers, which give us more capacity than ever. And our powerful new “back end” will allow us to add new features and options in coming months.

This transformation would not have been possible without MR’s webmaster, Jamil Jonna. With great technical skill and endless patience, he converted our vague design ideas into a website that exceeded our expectations by a huge margin. He also managed the faultless transfer of more than five years of content from the old site to this. We simply could not have made this change without him.

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