Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ecosocialists Greece


Our Party was found in August 2007. Our first name was: "Association of Ecosocialists Greece". At that time we participated in "Oikologiki Paremvasi" (Ecological Interference) and supported SYRIZA on the parliamentary elections in September 2007. SYRIZA stands for: Coalition of the Radical Left and has 10 party-members, one of them was "Oikologiki Paremvasi". In December 2007 we split from "Oikologiki Paremvsi" because of main political problems and we decided to turn the "Association" into a Party.

In January 20th 2008, our first conference took place in Nikaia - Piraeus. More than one hundred members participated in it by e-mails for the final documents and other decisions. Half of them were present at the conference. Among other documents, our members voted for full support to the “Ecosocialist International Network”.

Two of our members participated in the first International Ecosocialist meeting in Paris (October 2007). Four of our members participated in the first SYRIZA conference (March 2007). Two of our members are also members of the Central Co-ordinating Committee of SYRIZA .

"Ecosocialists Greece" is a component political organization of SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left). We also participate in the “Greek Social Forum”. Ecosocialists Greece support the international campaign for the Global spreading of the principles of the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, against war.

Member organizations of “Ecosocialists Greece” are:

1. Naturalistic and Social Movement – Peoples’ Ring
2. Immigrants Union (Piraeus)
3. Left Opposition

Ecosocialists Greece Website
Ecosocialists Greece Blog

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