Friday, October 14, 2011

“Pipe Dreams” hits screens

U.S. documentary maker takes on the Keystone XL

By Julia Pyper
Art Threat
October 14, 2011

American filmmaker, Leslie Iwerks, has turned her attention to Canada once again in her new film “Pipe Dreams.” In 2009, Iwerks produced two documentaries — “Downstream” and “Dirty Oil” — that were critical of the health and social impacts associated with the Alberta oil sands. This year, the Academy Award nominated director is shedding light on the environmental battle surrounding the Keystone KL Pipeline.

The documentary is narrated by actress Daryl Hannah, who was arrested in front of the White House in August during an anti-pipeline protest. The film features interviews with California Representative Henry Waxman (D) and Nebraska Senator Tony Fulton (R), amongst others. It also and gives voice to farmers and landowners living in America’s heartland near the Nebraska Sand Hills and Ogallala Aquifer, who fear oil spills from the proposed pipeline will damage their land and contaminate their water.

The U.S. State Department held its final public hearing on the controversial $7 billion Keystone XL project last week. A large number of presentations focused on environmental concerns, while others pointed to America’s need for safe oil and jobs. To check out Iwerks’ contribution to the Keystone XL saga, watch for screenings of “Pipe Dreams” as the film slowly makes it debut around the continent.

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