Monday, May 16, 2011

Capitalism, Nature, Socialism

CNS is a journal of ecosocialism. We welcome submissions on red-green politics and the anti-globalization movement; environmental history; workplace labor struggles; land/community struggles; political economy of ecology; and other themes in political ecology. CNS especially wants to join (relate) discourses on labor, feminist, and environmental movements, and theories of political ecology and radical democracy. Works on ecology and socialism are particularly welcome.
BLOG 3 Costas Panayotakis Stimulating Essay "Capitalism, Socialism, and Economic Democracy: Reflections on Today’s Crisis and Tomorrow’s Possibilities"     As long as we define socialism in contrast to capitalism, we’ll not see the possibilities for transformation. Changing our conceptions, however, is only a first step. Achieving what is possible will be unbelievably difficult. Costas Panayotakis’ article takes important first steps.
BLOG 2      Darwin Bond-Graham's essay, "Et in Arcadia, Oil!," In the September 2010 edition of CNS, raises the issue of how to address environmental destruction after it has occurred. His example is the BP oil spill in the Gulf.
BLOG 1   Guidance to understanding the environmental wasteland is given to us in José A. Tapia Granados’ March 2010 CNS tour de force essay “Economists, Recessions, and Profits.” There we are led through an analysis of various theoretical understandings of what causes the business cycle. It is a full fledged review of the history of economic ideas in a 19 page essay. Granados concludes: Profits drive the business cycle. The business cycle is inherent in the capitalist system. The environment is bound to suffer under the pursuit of profit. 

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