Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fidel Castro on Global Warming, Biofuels and World Hunger

By James Haywood
A Socialist Voice Pamphlet

From the Introduction

Much has been written about healthcare and education in revolutionary Cuba — but their fight against capitalism’s destruction of the environment is equally remarkable. Armando Choy, a key figure in the Cuban Revolution, and today head of the massive environmental cleanup operation in Havana Bay, explained why this is:

“This is possible because our system is socialist in character and commitment, and because the revolution’s top leadership acts in the interests of the majority of humanity inhabiting planet earth – not on behalf of narrow individual interests, or even simply Cuba’s national interests.”

Choy is President of the State Working Group for the Cleanup, Preservation and Development of Havana Bay. This operation is just one example of the high priority given to the environment by the Cuban government. Using over 40 local People’s Councils, the operation has evolved from being simply a cleanup procedure. One such example which is incredible when put into context is the river Luyan√≥. This river was accumulating organic waste from four large slaughterhouses which were contaminating the water. The government simply relocated the slaughterhouses! A simple procedure — yet how inconceivable it would be for this to happen in a capitalist country!

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