Sunday, September 26, 2010

Argentina Ecosocialist Manifesto

Marxismo Ecológico

The world has reached the century actually engaged in a global concern. Despite prolonged economic growth, inequality, poverty, injustice and violence that characterized the twentieth century have not been resolved, and in many cases have worsened. To all this, we must add the fact that the limits to that growth have begun to become apparent, showing a world plunged into unexpected ecological crisis until a few decades ago. The man and his life on Earth as we know, are at risk.

The ecological crisis is not caused by economic problems, or bad policies, but has its roots in the fundamentals of the society we live in and their mode of production, capitalism. Not accidentally, or suicidal tendency of humanity that environmental degradation occurs, but is related to the absence of democratic control and participatory planning of the economy. Are the social relations of production and distribution of goods prevailing in our society, destroying the environment in which we live and which we belong.

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