Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lets Build from the Crisis

Ecosocialists were not surprised by the failure of the Copenhagen summit. The powerful interests of corporations and capitalism were arraigned against a diverse movement but with morality and science on their side.

But this struggle has never been about leaders making rational decisions. It is about capitalism getting away with as little as they can. In this case though, the future of humanity was at stake and once again profits came before people.

This isn't the end. Now the struggle becomes more urgent just as the incapacity of capitalism to save even its own long term interests becomes clear. Out of any crisis comes opportunity.

Ecosocialists can grasp that opportunity by working with ecological, social justice and labour groups to help educate and build a stronger constituency for change. With so much at stake, we need to work in many small and big ways to take the initiative that began around the Copenhagen summit and build on it.

“Copenhagen is not the end, I repeat, but a beginning: the doors have been opened for a universal debate on how to save the planet, life on the planet. The battle continues.”
- Hugo Chavez.

Like many other Canadians, I received numerous posts, emails and facebook appeals to sign the Avazz e-petition. The following is from their website.

Copenhagen: The Fight Continues!

The Copenhagen climate summit ended up in failure: an unambitious, non-binding accord that leaders themselves admit won't come close to tackling climate change.

Their failure is a disappointment -- and their failure is a challenge. We must work harder, demand more and never resile from our fight for our children and our planet.

That fight continues now. In just 6 weeks time leaders of each country will lock in their nation's emissions reduction targets under this week's agreement.

We must show leaders that their inaction is unacceptable.

Join over 14 million people from around the world in the largest ever climate petition. Our campaign will continue to build until we get a Real Deal - we won't accept a sham. Sign below, tell everyone -- it's not too late:
Link here.

What is is a new global web movement with a simple democratic mission: to close the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want. “Avaaz” means “Voice” in many Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European languages.

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